London Sportsmen's (?) Club

By Phil Bryant

Does anyone recall what I think was called The London Sportsmen's Club above a Turkish restaurant or club in D'Arblay Street? It was run by Peter (surname forgotten), who had an impressive handlebar moustache. His boxer dog was called Buster and used to lie out full length on an old worn sofa, farting copiously.

At lunchtime, girls would come in clutching a small case containing a number of 45s, which Peter would put on his turntable while they stripped on a low stage. If the track finished while they were still disrobing, Peter would say "Strike a Grecian pose, my dear", while finding the next record.

On one occasion, in the early 80s, one of the girls came and sat stark naked at our table (I went there often with a couple of mates at lunchtime). We all chatted to her as if it was quite the normal thing to do. 




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