The Clip Joints

By Regan Low

I worked in soho between 1994-2005, It was indeed one of the most interesting and exciting times of my life. Which is why I have decided to use my experience of Soho as the basis for my Final dissertation, concentrating in particular the Clip Joints. For me the Clip Joints of Soho were part of the whole visual and sensual experience. Many of the long term characters remain in my mind. Regardless of the moral assumptions attached to the establishments and those they inhabit, the Clip Joints were a phenomena of Soho that became for a time a part of its landscape and character. I am sure some will agree/disagree. However if anyone has any interesting, funny or insightful stories/comments on the subject, or the characters, I would love to read about it.

Thank you. 


This page was added by Regan Low on 12/03/2014.
Comments about this page

Yes, regardless of the morality, the clip joints and the women who worked there were the face of Soho and part of its appeal. Also the clippers. I used to drink round round there - I was attracted to the whole buzz surrounding the place. I remember getting hammered in the Red Lion in Great Windmill Street when there were 4 clip joints in that street alone. One time in the White Horse in Rupert Street a punter ran in after being ripped off in the club next door. The manager of the pub was a New Zealander, Martin I think, and it's fair to say he couldn't have cared less! 

By Paul Johnson
On 30/05/2016

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