Le Macabre

By Antony Clayton

Le Macabre located in Meard Street certainly lived up to its name trading on a distinctly Gothic sensibility. It substituted coffins for tables and was decorated with skeletons, bones and cobwebs, which hung from the walls and ceilings. Ghostly illumination was provided by the glow of candles placed within artificial skulls.

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I worked at the 2i's I was also a bouncer for Cliff Richards , Hank and Bruce were my friends and I was i n a documentary that was made in the Le Macabre. I made loads of recordings of rehersals of all the stars who played in the 2i's

By Jon vickers-jones
On 30/05/2016

I used to visit Le Macabre in about 1974 to watch a band called Dolphin Smile who's repertoire included songs written by Tom Lehrer. A brilliant venue with a great atmosphere.

By Brian Awty
On 23/01/2016

I used to go to Le Macabre in my lunch break.  It was a fabulous place to go, the other place I went to was the 2 i's.  As I worked in an office in Soho Square I could easily go for a dance, again in my lunch break.  My friends and children can't believe there was time to do this then.  How times have changed (unfortunately).

By Gill Vears
On 05/07/2014

I remember Le Macabre coffee bar. I used to go there most Saturday evenings with a group of school friends in 1957 to 1960. It was like no other coffee bar at the time except that it served the same "frothy coffee" as the others. Much better than the much vaunted 2 i's.

By Roy Beiley
On 20/03/2014

I worked at Le Macabre in the summer of 1957. I vividly recall the ashtrays were in the form of skulls (as well as the tables being coffins). I got sacked for leaving the fridge door open!!

By June Bastable
On 20/03/2014

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