Page link: Angela Castagna my grandmother
Angela Castagna my grandmother
Piccadilly Hotel circa 1930
Page link: Eddie S Linden
Eddie S Linden
Poet and publisher of Aquarius poetry magazine
Page link: Eric Singer
Eric Singer
Boulevardier, journalist, architect
Page link: Fiona Green
Fiona Green
Page link: Harry Diamond
Harry Diamond
Page link: Londoner
Soho and the West-End
Page link: Martin Green
Martin Green
Poet & publisher
Page link: Pamela Anderson
Pamela Anderson
The Interval Club
Page link: Pamela Green
Pamela Green
Britain's Queen of Curves
Page link: Paul Potts
Paul Potts
Writer & Poet
Page link: Prof Barry Fantoni
Prof Barry Fantoni
jazz musician.artist
Page link: Vincenzo Arrigo 1961
Vincenzo Arrigo 1961
Piccadilly circus